About the Artist

The creative force behind Sir Stag is Marieke J Treloar.  Marieke has been a Jeweller for the past thirteen years and has recently taken up writing raunchy action adventure novels.

She loves the process of creations from “Conception to Completion” and beyond.  

During her training she worked for a major jewellery retailer and was disappointed in the sterile cookie cutter approach to mens jewellery and accessories.  

“While a lot of men don’t wear jewellery I believe it is because the pieces are not designed with men’s lifestyles in mind. Everything needs to be comfortable, durable, easy to get off an on  as well as stylish.”  MJ

Most pieces have a meaning and are inspired by a diverse range of themes.  Themes like the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing or the 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day, Topographical maps and even Knots.

“I love seeing the reactions and responses of people to the pieces.  NO this jewellery is not for everyone and that is why I only produce short runs or one-of-a-kind creations.”  MJ